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    Developing a Strategy to Repay Your Medical Student Debt

    When our loan specialists talk to borrowers, they often hear, “I need help managing my medical student debt. Can you provide me with any loan repayment strategy tips? 

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    Seven Personal Finance Tips From Physicians For Physicians

    Personal finance advice for doctors is generally welcomed by most physicians as saving for retirement is often a top concern for them.

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    FAQ Friday: What is the Financial Preparedness for Young Physicians?

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    What to Expect on Your First Day of Residency

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    Less Than Half of Physicians Reach Recommended Retirement Savings Rates

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    Persistent Retirement Myths

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    Today’s Spending Behavior Affects Future Financial Standing

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    FAQ Friday: Do Longer Hours for Surgical Residents Endanger Patients?

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    Physicians of The Millennial Generation

    Topics: The Medical Professional's Life

    The Complexity of Student Debt Issues

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